Cricket for dinner

So, post number six and I’m already stuck for ideas. I was very tempted to post some of my works. But I shall resist. No, not just yet. Instead I will blog about…. Something from the files of Zelda, Attack Cat Extraordinaire.

Daddy brought it home. My designated prey. A puny green thing. But a genuinely living puny green thing. Not just some mockery of life, attached by a string to a paltry stick.

He released it into the balcony and said, “Zelda, a toy for you.” Purring my thanks, I padded to the balcony, belly to the ground, ears twitching and tail swishing back and forth. Daddy left, but I didn’t care. Finally. Something alive for me to play with.

I eyed the pathetic thing as it cried and leapt, seeking escape. The little tease. I could pounce, but the sun hit my back just right. I waited. Even as I twitched my ears and flicked my tail, eyes slanted open, I waited.

For it to tire. For it to slow. Just a little bit.

I waited.

It’s slowing. I crept closer. Slowly. No sense startling it.

I swatted it with my paw, claws fully extended. Pinned it to the ground. It writhed. I listened to it scream in a frequency far too high for Mummy to hear. Good thing too. She’d have made me let it go. I tried to put it between my jaws, to present to Mummy. It leapt away from my paw and escaped.

The little tease.

I swatted it again. Harder, this time. Stunned, it didn’t struggle as I held it in my mouth. I made sure it was still alive. Coagulated blood, even cricket blood, would give such a bad taste to the meat. I stopped right in front of Mummy, and presented my gift to her.

She screamed and jumped. Silly Mummy, she missed. It’s a wonder they have anything to eat at all, the way they keep missing the prey with their clumsy feet. She’s supposed to pounce toward the prey, not jump away from it.

But I am a good hunter. A good provider. It couldn’t escape far. Even Mummy would be able to catch it for tonight’s dinner.

I turned away and padded to my favorite sun-drenched windowsill, my tail up in the air, satisfied.

I made a contribution. Tonight, we feast.


P/S : We did not have cricket for dinner that night. I released it and I’d like to think it’s living happily somewhere. Kindly desist from despoiling my delusion. Thank you 🙂


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