Creating subplots

I just noticed this nifty little button called “re-blog”. I’m still unsure of the whole re-blogging business, so if I did something wrong, then I’m so sorry. Truly, I intend no offense.

For instance, when writing an academic paper, I’d have to completely re-phrase my source’s words, or it still counts as plagiarism. Even if I cite. The only work-around is to enclose every unaltered word/phrase in quotation marks. Even then I was warned to quote no more than two lines from a single source, and no more than three quotes per page. Otherwise, I’d run the risk of sounding too much like a parrot. Or possibly, a grandfather bird (thank you, Sir Pratchett).

Does this rule also apply for re-blogged posts? If it does, should I just post the link? A link would count as a single quote, and should be less than two lines.

Of course, for all I know, my professor might have been a Quotation Nazi.

Anyway, I ran across this very illuminating post by Ms. Liana Brooks on subplots. Kindly click the link if you wish to see the post in its entirety. You won’t regret it. Below, I’m quoting the ‘take-away’ from Ms. Brooks’ post. In defiance of said Quotation Nazi, my quotation is significantly more than 2 lines.


Quick and Dirty Tips For Creating Subplots

– Not everyone should love the hero.

– The more antagonists you have the more conflicts you create.

– Real life should happen to the characters, even if they are saving the world they have jobs and responsibilities.

– Give the character interests and friends outside of work.

– Multiple points of view aren’t a bad thing if you know how to juggle them.

– It all needs to come together at the end.

– Not every antagonist needs to be vanquished at the end.

– Give us more than one character to love– (from Diantha)

– Make each and every character count — (from Diantha)


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