On ten

Ten is a significant number to me. More significant than I realized when I first wrote this post 🙂

Our number system is based on tens. Most of us have ten fingers and ten toes. Each decade of the rosary is made up of ten Hail Marys.

And El Kiddo turned ten recently.

When I was ten, my family moved to Singapore. I learned English at age ten. I ate my first fig (delicious) and my first, and last, turtle egg (raw with a dash of salt, disgusting). When my friend was ten, she stood up to a bully who terrorized a girl for wearing glasses. She told the bully she’d smack him like a fly if he called the other girl “four eyes” again. I suppose her instinct to stand up for the underdogs contributes to her current reputation as a raging redhead.

I stood on the cusp of great change when I was ten. El Kiddo also stands on the cusp of great change. Girls, puberty and impending adulthood, among others. The following are some advice I’ve garnered for him.

1) Enjoy childhood while you can. You’re going to miss it when you grow up.

2) Stand up for what you believe in.

3) Help those who cannot stand up for themselves.

4) Stay true to yourself, come what may. The alternative is never worth the cost.

5) Laugh often, love truly, live freely. Anyone who gets in the way of these, is worth neither your love nor time. And not worthy of you.

Care to share anything that happened when you were ten? Or any advice for El Kiddo?


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