Fairies, Pixies and Peri-peri

A re-surface post 🙂
Just a little something I’ve been working on. No real title yet, as usual. Oh well, it will come in its own sweet time, right? 😉

Feel free to post thoughts in the comment box. No flames, please. This story is still in its very, *very* early stages.

Chapter One:  The result of squishing fungi

She twirled around, back straight, head tilted up to the autumn sun, arms stretched as far out as they would go. Once. Twice. The third time, she made sure to stay on the very tips of her toes, her fondest wish firmly planted in mind.

This was not the time to think of cakes and ice cream.

A shrill cry broke the relative silence of the forest clearing. “Morgaine!”

Startled, Morgaine lost her balance and fell on a clump of mushrooms. She rose to her feet, made a modicum of effort at brushing away the dirt that clung to her skirt, then frowned in dismay at the sight of squashed fungi.

There goes another fairy ring. That one was almost a perfect circle too. Now I’ll have to find another one.

“Morgaine! Where are you, my little duckling?”


Morgaine sighed, lolling her head back. She silently cursed over-protective nurses and over-protective fathers who persist in hiring over-protective nurses. No matter how many said nurses she sent away crying or screaming.

Preferably both.

It’s not like she’s a baby anymore. She’s nine years old, for heaven’s sake, well past the age of reason. At least, that’s what Mother always said.

She caught a flash of movement from the corner of her eye. An unnatural hush settled in the clearing. Morgaine froze in place. A familiar nursery chant ran through her mind in a continuous loop.

My mother said I never should

Play with pixies in the wood

Morgaine held her breath for a few moments.


Father said pixies stole Mother two years ago. Was that a pixie she saw? Would it steal her also?

Did the spell actually work? I can see Mother again?

A cold sweat broke all over her body as she listened to the stillness. She was waiting for… something. Every muscle in her body tensed, ready for a confrontation with the pixies.

The pixies that dared steal Mother.

She’d make them take her to Mother. Even if she had to fight every last one of them.

Another shrill cry. This time, tinged with a note of impatience. “Morgaine!”

The spell was broken.

She cursed again.


3 thoughts on “Fairies, Pixies and Peri-peri

  1. An intriguing start; I would definitely keep reading! Have you put this up for review on Critique Circle? I’m so out of the loop over there these days…

    By the way, have you ever read “Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book” — by Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame? So funny.

    • Thanks for popping by and your kind words. I’m glad you like the snippet.

      And I *love* my copy of pressed fairies 🙂 I’d been lusting after the book when it came out, but only got round to getting my copy a few years ago. It’s sweet, intriguing and more than a little twisted.

      No, I’m not putting this it on cc. Not until I have a better idea of where it is going. At least where/when it’s set. LOL

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