The Angry Puffball

The third installment and I still don’t know where it wants to go. Feel free to comment and give me your input on whether I should keep working on it, or stick it in story cold-storage for now. I hope you will enjoy 🙂

Chapter 2: Daytrips are for sissies.

Morgaine opened her hand, stung by shocked horror. “Please don’t tell me you’re my fairy godmothers.”

“Fine.” Sledge flitted out of reach. “I won’t.”

“Let. Sledge. Go!” Twinkle barreled into Morgaine’s torso with each word.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch! I already did. Pay attention, would you?”

“Twinkle.” A blur of pink flashed in the gloom, then stopped in mid-air, pulsating. “I’m here. I’m okay.”

“Sledge.” Morgaine watched the tiniest blue spark flit beside the pink. “Are you really all right? Hag or not, I can take her on.”

“Twinkle. I’m fine.”



Morgaine resolved to wait in what she considered respectful silence for an appropriate length of time.

Five seconds ought to be ample.

About three seconds later, she cleared her throat meaningfully.

Twinkle turned a midnight shade of blue. His voice was larded with disapproval. “Do. You. Mind?”

“Excuse me?” Her pitch rose in outraged disbelief. “You broke into my room!”

The glowing blue orb expanded and flew right up to her face, pulsating at a higher frequency. She reared back. Murderous maroon flashed from a shrouded figure within the orb.

Red virulent lightning against storm clouds.

Her voice faltered. “What?”

Twinkle’s voice dropped into a growl. “You, Hag, laid hands on my associate.”

Morgaine shrank from Twinkle, a glowing puff ball no bigger than the average dust bunny. “Hand. Singular.” She couldn’t stop herself. She never could.

More flashes of maroon. Streaks of dried blood against dark velvet.

Morgaine ducked her head, voice dropping to a whisper. “Never mind.”

“If you hurt Sledge –“


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