Whoops of joy

You know, I hoped that I’d have my excitement in check by this point.

Nope, no such luck. LOL

The Burned Bridges Protocol is now available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble.


Would you like a sneak peek into a few random pages? *randomly flipping pages* How about these?


God, he feels and smells like heaven.

Get a grip, she reminded herself. It’s all a game. Just a—

He kissed her. All coherent thought fled from her mind.

He kept his head close when their lips finally parted. His breath in her. Becoming part of her. Of her consciousness. Just as he breathed in her exhalations, making her a part of him.

“Curious little kitty.”

She inhaled more of him. Intoxicating musk. Her entire world shrunk to the irresistible curve of his cupid’s bow. Her own lips parted as she panted.

Begging for another kiss.

“Care to find out?”

Anything for more.

She nodded.

“Then come.”

She left without a backward glance.

# # #

David tugged her hand and pulled her onwards. Away from the New Edinburgh pod and deep into the rats’ nest of alleyways surrounding the docking bays. Away from the safety of her shipmates. From the watchful eye of her ship’s AI.

Lemon – wasn’t that what she called it?


Well, as far as he was concerned, Lemon would soon be toast. And then he’d turn it into another of his hungry little devils. Just like he turned the AIs of the other pods that docked in the Lady Di. Not that he needed another devil since the New Edinburgh was the last, after all.

But as they say: Waste not, want not.

He glanced at his gauntlet to check on the virus’ progress. His hungry little devils had almost eaten through all of Lemon’s defenses. It will be checking on its Mother’s status soon. Good thing they were almost at his favorite blackout zone, beyond the reach of Lemon’s sensors.

Still, must move fast.

Her hand slipped from his grip. She stood in the middle of the refuse-strewn alley and looked around, perfect teeth gnawing perfect coral lips, hesitation written all over her face.

He stifled an exasperated sigh – I don’t need this right now – and advanced towards her, a pronounced swagger in his steps. He dropped his voice into a rumble.

“What’s the matter, angel?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know where we are. I don’t recognize any of this.”

He gathered her into his arms, tucking her head into the crook of his shoulder. With a twitch of his thumb, he released another dose of aerosolized gamma – gamma-hydroxybuterate – from his gauntlet.

Let her have a few lungfuls of that.

Her taut muscles loosened. She leaned into him, lithe body molding to his. He buried his smile of satisfaction in the wealth of gold at the crown of her head.

“If you’re scared, I can take you home.” He allowed just the smallest note of regret creep into his baritone. “I was just really looking forward to…” He sighed, then bent his head and parted her lips with his own. Another flick of his thumb instructed the nanobots on his tongue to release a combination of concentrated human pheromones and even more gamma.

He held his kiss for a few minutes, to ensure she gets the full dose, before pulling away. He noted the flushed cheeks, ice-cold hands and dilated pupils in her eyes.

“Shall I take you home?”


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